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Simon Hobbs

Simon Hobbs
I strongly recommend that everyone gets checked up before they get into the state I was ins


I have a lot of back problems, mainly due to sport injuries when younger and sitting for 10 hours a day in front of the computer.

About 6 years ago, I suffered from a terrible back problem, where I was more or less paralysed in bed for 3 days I was unable to move, to eat, even to go to the bathroom. I was rescued by my cleaning lady, who found me in this state, and immediately called Steven. He came to my house, and within 10 minutes of gentle treatment, had me moving enough to go to the bathroom – what a relief! Within a week I was back to normal.

Since then I have been seeing Steve regularly, and have seen a lot of improvement, and no repeat episodes.

I strongly recommend that everyone gets checked up before they get into the state I was in

P. Sweeney

P. Sweeney

testimonials-sweeney-img01Here is a brief overview of my story.

In December 2004 I was in a right state , I could not even sweep the floor for five minutes without having to sit down due to the resulting pain in my back, not to mention the effects of whiplash due to a previous traffic accident, I even had to QUIT my job of 6 years!

I attended a Chiropractor in Spain for treatment for over a year which in the end I was “cured”.

Unfortunately the Chiropractor moved to another location, which was impossible for me to attend, so I did not attend any more Chiropractic treatments for at least a year. At beginning of 2006 I decided I should go back to a Chiropractor due to the fact that my prior symptoms of back pain were returning not to mention a noticeable stiffness in my walking.
I walked in to Dr.Crump’s clinic and within the hour he could tell me exactly what my problems were.

I have not looked back since!

A friendly and professional environment.



My name is Krisha, I’m 26 years old, and have been a patient for the last 10 years


When I was nine I got knocked down by a car, I suffered a cracked pelvis from the accident. I used to get trapped nerves on the left hand side of my hip (the side from which I was hit). Dr. Crump was able to help put my hips back. I no longer suffer discomfort; I can continue my active lifestyle.

More recently I have an extremely noisy Jaw. I’m conscious of how loud it is whilst eating! Tension builds up and funny facial expressions are all I can do to release the pressure.

I felt sure that Dr. Crump can help solve the problem. I feel an improvement there with every visit.

Richard Jimenez

Richard Jimenez
Police Sergeant  –  19/03/07


For about 10 years I had been suffering lower back and neck pain, which had gradually lead to other symptoms such as giddiness, blurred vision, tiredness and sciatica. I also suffered from regular tension headaches and was taking anti-inflammatory medication on a daily basis.

A friend recommended that I visit a Chiropractor. I first visited Dr. Crump in January 2007.

X-Rays showed a chronic condition that was probably the result of a traffic accident years before and that failure on my part to address the situation at the time, had lead to detrimental health problems.

The treatment I received in the first two months was quite intensive but eventually my visits were more spread out.

It is now March 2007 and I can honestly say that I have had next to no pain in my back and the tension headaches; giddiness, tiredness, sciatica and blurred vision have all decreased to the point that I hardly think about them.

I have no doubt that regular preventative treatment will ensure that I stay as healthy as possible for the remainder of my life.