Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow £49

“Make the gift of a good night sleep”

products-pillow-imgThis Clinically Proven Mediflow Pillow is an amazing new pillow that continuously responds to changes in your sleeping position. It adjusts to fit your shape.The firmness can be personalised to your preferred comfort level by simply adding water. This is a revolutionary new pillow on the market and it is also clinically proven to improve sleep and easy neck pain.

The water pillow is sold in exclusivity at our clinic, and VOTED BEST PILLOW BY THE CHIROPRACTIC ASSOCIATION.

  1. medipillow-img01A layer of super-soft, hypo-allergenic DuPont polyester fiber floats over top of the water layer and provides outstanding comfort
  2. A thermal insulator fully encases the water layer to prevent body heat from being drawn from the head, neck and shoulders. This is an essential component of the comfort of the pillow.
  3. A water pouch secured to the base of the pillow provides the responsive head and neck support. Easy to follow instructions show how much water to add for soft, medium and firm support. Use ordinary tap water. No chemical additives are required.


Benefits of the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow:

  • The revolutionary waterbase orthopaedic pillow is proven in clinical tests to improve the quality of your sleep.
  • You sleep longer and deeper without disturbance
  • Great for people with shoulder pain and a need for neck support
  • This product has a full 2 year guarantee.
  • Even helps with chronic pain
  • The pillows orthopedic qualities will help anyone with cervical problems
  • The unique and patented Mediflow waterbase pillow constantly shapes itself to you as your body moves during the night
  • It is soft and firm in all the right places because you vary the volume of water in the waterbase, from really soft to medium to firm
  • The orthopedic pillow will Help you get to sleep faster.


Frequentley Asked Questions:

Is the Mediflow orthopedic pillow comfortable?
Extremely. A layer of super-soft fibre floats over the top of the water layer providing outstanding comfort. You add as much water to suit your own preference of SOFT, MEDIUM or HARD.

Will I get a better nights sleep?
Studies conducted in the United States at the Logan College of Chiropractic concluded that users of the Mediflow water-based pillow experienced a better night’s sleep. More than 90% of users said that they would continue to use the pillow following a seven night trial after discovering it is an excellent chiropractic pillow.

Will it help relieve neck pain and associated headaches?
An independent, published, clinical study on the orthopedic effectiveness of cervical pillows carried out on neck pain sufferers by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, concluded that users of the Mediflow water pillow benefited from reduced morning pain intensity, increased pain relief and improved quality of sleep.

Is the Mediflow water pillow cold to lie on?
No. The water layer is fully encased in a thermal insulator to prevent body heat being drawn from the head, neck or shoulders.

How long can I leave the water in the pillow?
The water can be left in the pillow for up to one year after which it should be changed. Many people like to wash their cervical pillows which is a good time to change the water as the pillow should be empty before being washed.

Could I accidentally burst the pillow while sleeping?
No. The Mediflow water pillows are incredibly strong. Although the outer layers of the pillow are extremely soft, the inner layers are extremely tough and durable and confidence in the orthopedic pillow is backed up by a two-year warranty covering manufacturing defects.

Is the Mediflow water pillow hypoallergenic?
Yes, the cervical pillow uses materials that cannot effect any human tissue. So it is safe for everyone whether suffering from skin conditions or asthma or not.

Can the water pillow be washed?
Yes. The pillow can be washed by hand according to the instructions on the care label. You must first empty the water from the cervical pillow before washing.

Is the Mediflow pillow available in different sizes, i.e. standard, queen or king size?
No, the water pillow is only available in one size, jumbo, which is between a standard and a queen size pillow.

What size pillow case fits the water pillow?
A standard pillow case will fit our chiropractic water pillow.

Clinically proven to improve the quality of sleep and reduce neck pain and associated headaches.

A variety of studies have been performed on the pillow to prove its value as a chiropractic aid. It has been shown that the Mediflow pillow is clinically proven to be an excellent cervical support and neck support aid.

Fin Size: 71cm x 51cm
This product has a full 2 year guarantee.

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