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Richard Jimenez

Richard Jimenez
Police Sergeant  –  19/03/07


For about 10 years I had been suffering lower back and neck pain, which had gradually lead to other symptoms such as giddiness, blurred vision, tiredness and sciatica. I also suffered from regular tension headaches and was taking anti-inflammatory medication on a daily basis.

A friend recommended that I visit a Chiropractor. I first visited Dr. Crump in January 2007.

X-Rays showed a chronic condition that was probably the result of a traffic accident years before and that failure on my part to address the situation at the time, had lead to detrimental health problems.

The treatment I received in the first two months was quite intensive but eventually my visits were more spread out.

It is now March 2007 and I can honestly say that I have had next to no pain in my back and the tension headaches; giddiness, tiredness, sciatica and blurred vision have all decreased to the point that I hardly think about them.

I have no doubt that regular preventative treatment will ensure that I stay as healthy as possible for the remainder of my life.

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