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Dear Steve, It was my pleasure to welcome you again to the Rotary Club of Gibraltar yesterday evening. Thank you for coming to talk to us. Your talk was clearly both enjoyed and appreciated by our members. It was clear and to the point; and prompted many questions and much discussion. I think we all learned something about good nutrition habits, omega-3 supplementation and sugar avoidance. I'm sorry you could not join us afterwards in the bar as I feel we owe you a drink! But it's good to know you have another talk up your sleeve so perhaps the opportunity will arise in 2017. Meanwhile, all best wishes. Yours .. martin
Rotary club Gibraltar testimonial-Dr Steven J Crump health talk

Dr Crump is offering the following talks for your company. All the talks are FREE and can be booked in advance.

  • Posture check with simple do able exercises for all
  • Tips & Tricks for Great Nutrition
  • Simple Shifts for More Energy at Work & in Life
  • Managing Stress and Building Resilience

    BetVictor Testimonial 2017
    BetVictor Testimonial 2017

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